What Is Anorexia

Anorexia is an eating disorder. People who suffer from anorexia will starve themselves because they feel they are too fat when compared with today’s society. Anorexia can affect anyone of any age – but it usually starts around the age puberty.

Those who suffer from this eating disorder will have extreme weight loss that can be 15% below the person’s natural body weight. They are very skinny – but they still feel that they are overweight. Some will lose weight by using laxatives, too much exercise, or not eating enough.

Anorexics have the fear that they will become fat and this fear will cause them too lose the weight and to lose it quickly. It can often lead to them becoming very ill and even dying. Because they are not eating enough their bodies are not getting the nutrients they need to survive and certain systems may shut down completely.

This eating disorder is more common in teenage girls that are in high society who feel that they are always being judged. Also young girls who dance, distance running, and theatre and feel that it is required to be thin.

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