Too Much Weight Gained During Pregnancy Can Cause Baby To Be Fat

When you get pregnant everyone tells you to eat for two – you and your baby. So naturally when I got pregnant and began to do just that. That’s when the doctors told me that I shouldn’t do that and that if I gained too much weight they would have to put me on a diet.

Just because you shouldn’t eat for two doesn’t mean that you can eat very little. It is important to eat enough – but to just not overdue it. Your health and the health of your baby are not the only things contingent on how much you eat and how much weight you gain.

A new research study shows that women who gain more then 40 pounds during their pregnancy are more likely to give birth to heavy babies. Teresa Hillier from the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research lead the study and followed 41,540 women.

These women gave birth between 1995 – 2003 in Washington, Oregon, or Hawaii. They used medical records to look at the weight of the mothers and their babies.

Through this study they were able to confirm the risk of having a fat baby to women who gained more then 40 pounds during their pregnancy. A fat baby was considered to be one that weighed more then 9 pounds. Because of this they are encouraging pregnant mothers to follow a strict diet and exercise routine set up by their doctor.

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