Too Much Drinking Can Damage Heart

Studies have shown that too much drinking can cause high blood pressure, rigid heart muscles, and stiff arteries in men and enlarged hearts in women. These problems increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

According to the study they listed heavy drinking as having over 14 drinks in one week for women and 21 drinks in one week for men. “We definitely see quite a deleterious effect,” said Dr. Azra Mahmud of St. James Hospital in Dublin. Mahmud presented her findings during meeting of the American Society of Hypertension in New Orleans.

“The most worrisome aspect is in women. It has a direct toxic effect,” Mahmud said in an interview. “Basically, women are not able to cope with high alcohol consumption. It is going directly to the heart and damaging it.”

When the heart is enlarged it is a sign that it is being overtaxed and it is something that cannot be reversed easily. Those with an enlarged heart will most likely suffer close to 5-6 heart attacks in their lifetime.

Where heavy drinking can hurt people moderate drinking can actually have its benefits and help to keep the heart healthy. Yet, doctors state that those who switch from moderate to heavy will counteract all the good that was done.

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