Schizophrenia is a severe and chronic brain disorder that disables close to 1.1% of the U.S. who are over the age of 18 in one year. People who suffer from this disorder will hear strange voices that other people cannot hear and they believe that the people around them are broadcasting their thoughts for them to hear. They also become fearful that many people will harm them.

Because of these symptoms patients suffering from schizophrenia will be in a constant state of fear. They will with withdraw from people and become quite difficult when others try to help them and get close to them.

Symptoms usually develop in men in their late teens or early twenties and women in the twenties and thirties, but in rare cases, can appear in childhood. They can include hallucinations, delusions, disordered thinking, movement disorders, flat affect, social withdrawal, and cognitive deficits.

This is a time of hope for people with schizophrenia. Although the causes of the disease have not yet been determined, current treatments can eliminate many of the symptoms and allow people with schizophrenia to live independent and fulfilling lives in the community.

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