Obesity In Men Can Damage Sperm

Doctors will tell you that eating too many fatty foods can make you gain a large amount of weight – which can in turn damage your arteries and even your heart. New studies show that eating fatty foods can also do damage to the sperm that men produce.

Embryology and Reproduction scientists discovered that men who are obese have worse sperm than men who had average weight. “There is a very long list of health hazards from being overweight,” said Ghiyath Shayeb, the study’s lead researcher at the University of Aberdeen. “Now we can add poor semen quality to the list.”

With that being said they have not totally proven that it can hurt their chanced of having children. “If you have a man who isn’t fantastically fertile with a normal partner who is fertile, her fertility will compensate,” said Dr. William Ledger, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Britain’s University of Sheffield. Yet, if both partners are heavy then there is a chance that there will be problems. Obesity does decrease women’s fertility.

Shayeb and his fellow colleagues studied the sperm samples from over 5,000 men from Scotland and divided them into groups according to their BMI (Body Mass Index). Men who had an optimal BMI (20 to 25) had higher levels of normal sperm than those who were overweight or obese.

Larger men had a 60% higher chance of having a lower amount of semen and a 40% higher chance of having sperm abnormalities. They also found that underweight men were just as likely to have the same problems as obese men. “But there were not many underweight men in Scotland,” he noted.

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