New Experimental Treatment May Help To Cure Melanoma Patients

Dr. Cassian Yee started a study that could possibly cure patients that have been diagnosed with melanoma through a new experimental treatment. In their study Dr. Yee treated a 52 year old man by injecting him with 5 billion of his own white blood cells. The cells that they injected or know also as Killer T cells and are the cells in the body that help to fight tumors in the body.

The cells were taken from the patient, cloned, and then given back to him. In spite of the advanced stage of his cancer, which had spread to his lungs and groins, the 52 year old man was completely healthy in 60 days since the cure had started. Two years after, the former melanoma patient did not present any signs that the disease came back.

While the results sound like good news, there is a downside to the story. The treatment was given to another 8 patients, and even though some of them have shown improvement, none had his cancer disappear.

Pharmaceutical companies don’t seem to be interested in the results of this study so far. This method of treatment is based on creating a new cure for every patient, since he or she needs to be given his or her own white blood cell. The companies that are looking for creating a general cure for cancer will have to wait for other studies to be published.

The cost of this new treatment is at least $30,000 and the places where one can get it are few, because artificially growing white blood cells is a complicated process, and only a few facilities have the required equipment.

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