Erectile Dysfunction In Diabetic Men Could Predict Serious Cardiac Problems

Recent studies show that men who suffer with erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems may be at risk for other health problems which include heart disease, chest pain, and other cardiovascular problems. More often than not the men who suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction) have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Dr. Peter C.Y. Tong from the Prince Wales Hospital at the Chinese University of Hong Kong believes that the majority of men with type 3 diabetes must pay attention to these warnings and see a doctor immediately if they have ED no matter how embarrassing it is. “You must take action now to improve upon these modifiable risk factors,” Dr. Tong said.

Doctors can inspect them to see if they have any other heart or cardiovascular problems. Treatment may include different medications, exercise, or a new diet. Out of 118 men that suffered from ED close to 30% of them also suffered from serious cardiac problems over a 7 year span.

Erectile dysfunction is a good predictor of heart disease or stroke because both conditions occur when certain arteries fail to expand fully in response to stimulus. Because the arteries in the penis are smaller than those in the heart, for instance, the condition might show up sooner.

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