Chickenpox Vaccine Still A Necessity For Children

The U.S. Centers for Disease and Prevention released a new study that showed the effects of the chickenpox vaccine. According to their study it was able to reduce the disease by 90%. “The U.S. varicella vaccination program has dramatically reduced varicella incidence and related complications, hospitalizations and deaths,” CDC researchers said.

The study shows that the amount of chickenpox cases has decreased by 90% since the time that the vaccine was first discovered and used in 1995. Because of this great success rate many parents feel that the disease is no longer a health threat to their children and may avoid the vaccine altogether.

But like anything in the world it is not fool-proof. While it has helped to reduce the number hospitalizations connected to this disease by over 75% and the death rate for children has decreased a dramatic rate – but it is still possible.

One shot of the vaccine will protect 85% of children from the disease – but it is not strong enough to stop the spread of the virus from generally public places – mainly schools. Other children may get what is known as “breakthrough” varicella.

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