Parents To Learn What Sport Gene Their Child Has

What happened to letting fate decide? It seems that the more technology grows the less we leave things up to chance. With the right amount of money people can now choose what sex their baby will be and now they are able to decide what sport they would best perform in when they are older. How? Through a genetic test.

Vaccine To Cure Breast Cancer

Researchers have been working on an experimental breast cancer vaccine and in the process have been able to create one that is more effective. They have hope that this new vaccine will give the patient a cancer fighting gene that will place itself into the infected cells. This will then create immune system proteins that will destroy the tumor.

New Experimental Treatment May Help To Cure Melanoma Patients

Dr. Cassian Yee started a study that could possibly cure patients that have been diagnosed with melanoma through a new experimental treatment. In their study Dr. Yee treated a 52 year old man by injecting him with 5 billion of his own white blood cells. The cells that they injected or know also as Killer T cells and are the cells in the body that help to fight tumors in the body.

Sleepwalking May Be Caused By Lack Of Sleep

New studies are showing that people who have a habit of sleepwalking are experiencing a lack of sleep. Antonio Zadra of the Universite de Montreal led a team of researchers to connect the dots from lack of sleep to sleepwalking. He said that people need to start going to bed at the normal time in order to avoid these late night strolls.

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