FDA Warns Against Use Of Diet Pills

The FDA has warned consumers that they should not purchase certain products that have been marked for weight loss. They said that these contain active and undeclared pharmaceutical ingredients that could cause damage to the body.

Painkiller Turned Into Illegal Street Drugs

For two years a high number of deaths have been caused by the illegal street version of a painkiller we know as fentanyl. It has killed over 1,000 people according to the statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

New Experimental Treatment May Help To Cure Melanoma Patients

Dr. Cassian Yee started a study that could possibly cure patients that have been diagnosed with melanoma through a new experimental treatment. In their study Dr. Yee treated a 52 year old man by injecting him with 5 billion of his own white blood cells. The cells that they injected or know also as Killer T cells and are the cells in the body that help to fight tumors in the body.

Antipsychotics Used For Dementia Can Increase Risk Of Death

Both newer and the conventional antipsychotic drugs can increase the chances and risk of death in patients who suffer from dementia. These drugs have not been proven to treat dementia – but are used to treat the majority of patients who suffer from schiziphrenia.

Popular Diabetes Drug Avandia May Cause Osteoporosis

Recent research raises the possibility that rosiglitazone (also known as the drug Avandia), a popular diabetes drug used to improve the body’s response to insulin, may increase bone thinning and with long-term treatment could lead to osteoporosis. This discovery that could help to explain why diabetics can have an increased risk of bone fractures.

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