Too Much Weight Gained During Pregnancy Can Cause Baby To Be Fat

When you get pregnant everyone tells you to eat for two – you and your baby. So naturally when I got pregnant and began to do just that. That’s when the doctors told me that I shouldn’t do that and that if I gained too much weight they would have to put me on a diet.

Obesity In Men Can Damage Sperm

Doctors will tell you that eating too many fatty foods can make you gain a large amount of weight – which can in turn damage your arteries and even your heart. New studies show that eating fatty foods can also do damage to the sperm that men produce.

Erectile Dysfunction In Diabetic Men Could Predict Serious Cardiac Problems

Recent studies show that men who suffer with erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems may be at risk for other health problems which include heart disease, chest pain, and other cardiovascular problems. More often than not the men who suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction) have been diagnosed with diabetes.

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