Parents To Learn What Sport Gene Their Child Has

What happened to letting fate decide? It seems that the more technology grows the less we leave things up to chance. With the right amount of money people can now choose what sex their baby will be and now they are able to decide what sport they would best perform in when they are older. How? Through a genetic test.

Aids Patients In Indonesia To Be Monitored With Microchip Implants

The Papua province in Indonesia will be passing a bylaw that will allow them to implant HIV/AIDS patients with microchips. They are hoping that this method will help to keep them from infecting those who are healthy.

Will Breast Tumors Go Away Without Treatment

A new article published in the Archives of Internal Medicine asks a very controversial question. Do breast cancer tumors go away on their own? In order to try to prove or disprove this theory researchers performed a study. The article shows that at least one type of cancer that was discovered through screening sometimes will disappear. Neoroblastoma is a very rare childhood tumor.

14 Year Old Survives Four Months Without Heart

14 year old D’Zhana Simmons is not your ordinary teenager. Last Spring she and her parents discovered that she had an enlarged heart that was not strong enough to pump blood. The only way that she would be able to survive is with a heart transplant. So she and her family traveled from their home in Clinton, South Carolina to Holtz Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida.

Too Much Weight Gained During Pregnancy Can Cause Baby To Be Fat

When you get pregnant everyone tells you to eat for two – you and your baby. So naturally when I got pregnant and began to do just that. That’s when the doctors told me that I shouldn’t do that and that if I gained too much weight they would have to put me on a diet.

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