What Is Anorexia

Anorexia is an eating disorder. People who suffer from anorexia will starve themselves because they feel they are too fat when compared with today’s society. Anorexia can affect anyone of any age Рbut it usually starts around the age puberty.

Researchers Discover New Genetic Links To Baldness

Researchers from England and Germany have discovered new links to male pattern baldness. This will be the second genetic connection that has been made when related to hair loss in the majority of men and a few women as they grow older. Felix F. Brockschmidt from the University of Bonn was one of the leading authors of the report that was published October 12th in the journal of Nature Genetics.

Exotic Pets Cause High Health Risks To Children

A report that was published in the October issue of Pediatrics has led many doctors to believe that exotic pets (rodents, reptiles, monkeys, etc.) may pose very real health risks to children and should be kept away from them. They believe that many of these animals could spread many diseases to children because they have weak immune systems.

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