How To Avoid The West Nile Virus This Summer

The warm season is back and with it comes the dangers that we or our children will catch a mosquito borne disease. The chance of people catching one the West Nile disease has become very high and it is for this reason that many health departments around the U.S. are creating effective ways to help control the virus and other such diseases. That is why they are making sure that people know all of the risks that they can be exposed to when they are bitten by a mosquito.

Erectile Dysfunction In Diabetic Men Could Predict Serious Cardiac Problems

Recent studies show that men who suffer with erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems may be at risk for other health problems which include heart disease, chest pain, and other cardiovascular problems. More often than not the men who suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction) have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Too Much Drinking Can Damage Heart

Studies have shown that too much drinking can cause high blood pressure, rigid heart muscles, and stiff arteries in men and enlarged hearts in women. These problems increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Sleepwalking May Be Caused By Lack Of Sleep

New studies are showing that people who have a habit of sleepwalking are experiencing a lack of sleep. Antonio Zadra of the Universite de Montreal led a team of researchers to connect the dots from lack of sleep to sleepwalking. He said that people need to start going to bed at the normal time in order to avoid these late night strolls.

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