Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

Most of us are under the impression that arthritis is something that only affects adults of a certain age. But there is a type of arthritis that can affect children as young as 8. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis – also known as RA – is a chronic disease that is so severe it will cause extensive and long lasting damage to the joints. This damage that will potentially destroy the affected joints – is caused by joint inflammation.

Obese Mothers At Risk For Delivering Babies With Birth Defects

New studies are urging women to lose weight if they have the desire to have any children. It has always been said that women who are overweight will have a harder time conceiving. Those that are able to have a higher risk of delivering babies with serious birth defects.

Peanut Butter May Be Cause Of Salmonella Outbreak

It wouldn’t be officially the New Year without a little mayhem from the health department! Already federal officials are testing the 5 pound tubs of peanut butter in Minnesota to see if it is responsible for an outbreak of salmonella typhimurium that has spread all around the nation. 400 people in 42 states are already sick.

FDA Warns Against Use Of Diet Pills

The FDA has warned consumers that they should not purchase certain products that have been marked for weight loss. They said that these contain active and undeclared pharmaceutical ingredients that could cause damage to the body.

Parents To Learn What Sport Gene Their Child Has

What happened to letting fate decide? It seems that the more technology grows the less we leave things up to chance. With the right amount of money people can now choose what sex their baby will be and now they are able to decide what sport they would best perform in when they are older. How? Through a genetic test.

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